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Everyday is special at Branded J collectionsTM. We have some of our favorite products on Special everyday
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Beauty Products
Having Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brushes you have to have great Cosmetic Bags. BRANDED J COLLECTIONS will organize your makeup collection with Cruelty Free bags. Created with synthetic PVC that looks and feels like leather. What a great alternative to leather, and best of all NO Animals are harmed in making our products. 100% Vegan Bags

Make Up Saddle Bag
Make Up Saddle Bag
Price: $50.00
Make Up Saddle Bag and Brushes
Make Up Saddle Bag and Brushes
Price: $395.00
Bags and Cases - LAMB
Bags and Cases - LAMB - look at my bag
Price: $21.00
LBB - Little Black Bag
LBB - Little Black Bag - make up is not included
Price: $25.00
Price: $45.00
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