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Best Makeup Brushes
Everyday is special at Branded J collectionsTM. We have some of our favorite products on Special everyday
just for you.

Beauty Products
Individual Brushes
A BRUSH WITH HEAVEN is our motto for HEAVEN’S BRUSH by Branded J Collections. As you will notice that each of our brushes have been given a Personality name, to represent that motto. You will also notice that the versatility of the synthetic fiber called TAKLON has made it possible to do many task with one brush. You will soon discover why we call it; A BRUSH WITH HEAVEN...NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN MAKING OUR PRODUCTS! Creating Beauty that's Cruelty Free!

Price: $38.00
20B BETTY MAE - Foundation
Price: $32.00
Round Contou
11R ROSE BUD - Round Contour
Price: $28.00
Lg Shadow/Lg Concealer
13U UMA - Lg Shadow/Lg Concealer
Price: $25.00
Shadow/Med Concealer
10S SCARLETT - Med Shadow/Med Concealer
Price: $18.00
Med Blending Shadow/Med Contour
14H HARLEY - Med Blending Shadow/Med Contour
Price: $20.00
Sm Shadow/Sm Concealer/Liner
8W WINGS - Sm Shadow/Sm Concealer/Liner
Price: $18.00
Sm Shadow/Sm Concealer
8I ISABELLA - Sm Shadow/Sm Concealer
Price: $16.00
EX SM Liner/Concealer/Lips
6T TIFFANY - EX SM Liner/Concealer/Lips
Price: $15.00
Angle Liner/Brow
8.5H HANNAH - Angle Liner/Brow
Price: $16.00
Flat Liner
9H HOPSCOTCH - Flat Liner
Price: $16.00
7E EMMA - Blending
Price: $18.00
Eye brow/Groomer
8A ALEXIS KELLY - Eye brow/Groomer
Price: $16.00
Price: $18.00
30E EMILY - Powder
Price: $56.00
25N NAISON - Kabuki
Price: $45.00
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